How to Choose Your Coffee Blend and Roast Profile

Explore the levels of the coffee flavour ladder. Discover your desired blend and roast profile with these Crank insights, guides and suggestions.

Choose Your Component Coffee or Blend

How to Choose Your Coffee Blend and Roast Profile

You want your final product to reflect your unique style and preferred tastes. It's helpful to know what flavours you like and how they best work together.

A sweet base note: Your coffee will need to take on browning flavours. Beans from Brazil, Peru, and Mexico make for a sweet base note.

Mid-palate satisfaction: The mid-palate requires something juicy with plenty of malic acids; think flavour notes of apple, peach or stone fruit. You may want to consider beans from Costa Rica, Colombia or Indonesia.

High notes: This comes from the kinds of coffees that can be roasted light and will take on citric acidity and floral notes, which you will find from Kenyan or Ethiopian coffee beans.

Suggested Coffee Blends

Espresso blends

Full-Crank espresso blend

Full-Crank Espresso

Half Colombia, quarter Ethiopia, quarter India Monsoon Malabar.

Half-Crank espresso blend

Half-Crank Espresso

Full-Crank espresso blended with Decaf-Crank Espresso.

Decaf-Crank espresso blend

Decaf-Crank Espresso

Global Swiss water decaf espresso blend (Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia).

Drip/French Press

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee bean

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Flavour Notes: peach, honey, floral.

Colombia Excelso coffee bean

Colombia Excelso

Flavour Notes: grapefruit, cranberry, caramel, brown sugar.

Swiss water decaf blend coffee bean

Swiss Water Decaf Blend

Flavour Notes: Chocolate, caramel, hint of natural fruit.

Discover Your Desired Roast Profile

light roast coffee attributes
medium roast coffee attributes
medium dark roast coffee attributes
dark roast coffee attributes
Coffee roast colour scale

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